Letter from the Founder

Hello Web Friends,

I am delighted that you found our web site and hope it is helpful to you.

Healing Private Wounds realizes we can’t go through life without experiencing painful private wounds. Relationships cause conflicts and pain. Your private wound may have come from a painful breakup, a divorce, a lost job, a betrayal from a friend, co-worker, or family member. Or, your wounds may have come from childhood abandonment or neglect, or wounds of physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual abuse. Yes, there are many hurts in life and the challenge is to find healing for those wounds so they won’t cripple us for life. We need to learn to not allow the pain of one season ruin the rest of our life.

My private wound was incest, which I kept private for over 30 years. On my healing journey I’ve learned I also experienced other forms of abuse as well such as, emotional abuse and spiritual abuse. I also recognize I experienced wounds of abandonment and neglect from those who should have protected me. And then I had the private wounds of shame for what I did to compensate for the pain of my abuse, and lack of love and nurturing from my childhood.

Regardless of our wounds they need attention so we can heal. God created us to heal but we can’t if we keep them private. I thought I could heal by myself. I tried for many years. Then I found that shame’s strength was in my secrecy. As I began telling my story to safe people, they could help me find the truth, which led me to the light and healing.

Healing emotional wounds is a process that begins is the mind. We have to start believing there is hope, and that our life can be better, and then accept the truth that honest, God-loving people offer.

I’ve found that love is greatest healer and love is what wounded souls need–lots of it. In the spirit of the love that’s found in The Gospel, Healing Private Wounds extends that love to all who seek help. We are here to be the arms and voice of God to the ability that he gives to us.

We hope you contact us and tell us your story. We want to hear from you and help you on your healing journey. With God, healing is available. I know for I’ve experienced it and I consider my healing a miracle. You don’t have to live with your pain. You can find relief from your nightmares, haunting memories and fears.

Thanks for seeking us out!

Shirley Jo Petersen

Director, Healing Private Wounds
Author, The Whisper

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