Childrens Programs

Healing Private Wounds provides educational talks to children.  Topics include “Safe Body Boundaries” and “My Body Is My Own.”

Healing Private Wounds trained team members teach children about unsafe touches and that they have the right to say “no” if they are asked to do activities that involve their private parts. We teach children they have the right to privacy regarding their private parts and empower them to say “No” and to tell someone if they are ever approached, touched or harmed in areas their underwear covers. We also remind children there are safe people such as health care workers and caregivers who may need to touch their private parts when they need help with washing, or have hurts.

This program is geared for ages four through twelve. We are prepared to go into schools, children’s clubs or organizations, girl and boy scouts meetings, and church Schools.

Please see our videos page to see firsthand some of the topics we cover.

Photos from a recent children’s class entitled “Let’s Talk About Touching.”


Contact information

If your school or organization is interested in our services email or call 231-846-4495. This program is offered in Michigan. Depending on the distance, travel expenses may need to be covered. There is a minimal  cost for the materials and booklets.

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