PUP Support Group

The Parents who Understand Pain (PUP) Support  provides information and a safe environment to parents whose children have experienced sexual abuse. It will give the parent tools to help their child (young or old) to heal and help the parent to understand what is “normal” behavior for victims. It will discuss the many side effects of abuse and what parents can say and do to help their child heal. Parents can have a tremendous impact on helping their children’s healing journey.

The PUP Support Group is hosted by a parent and licensed counselor and meets weekly.  Times vary to meet the needs of the parents. If a parent cannot get to the support group, arrangements can be made to meet one-on-one.

Details and Registration

To join the PUP Support Group call our office at 231-846-4495 to register.

The actual PUP Support Group is only offered in Cadillac, Michigan however, online / remote parent support is also available.  Please contact office@healingprivatewounds.org to learn more.

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