About HPW

What is Healing Private Wounds?

We are an outreach ministry with two main focuses.  The first is to help victims and families traumatized by sexual abuse to find healing and peace.  Our name reflects this ministry.  The second is sexual abuse prevention education to help stop sexual crimes in our homes and communities.

Healing Private Wounds is here for you.

Healing Private Wounds understand the private pain victims endure.  The shame and fear victims live with are often paralyzing and are what stops most victims from reaching out for help. Healing private Wounds’ goal is to remove all barriers so victims can receive the help they need to recover.  No story is too insignificant or too terrible to tell. Sexual abuse affects each victim differently and there are always painful consequences.  We do not compare stores or judge. Pain is pain, and we understand pain because HPW was created by survivors. We do not pretend to have all the answers but we are happy to share how we found healing and peace.  We also know there is hope for recovery.  Victims cannot heal by themselves. With support and the help of our Creator, a victim’s life can be significantly better. We were created to overcome adversities, not to be overcome by them.  Maybe you are a support person and want to help a victim heal.  We are here for you as well. Regardless of the reason you went looking, we are glad you found us. Please search through what we have to offer and if needed, contact us for additional help. We are here for you! Contact us now to start your healing journey!

We would love for you to learn more about our history and mission and our Board of Directors.

Healing Private Wounds Center
856 North Mitchell St.
Cadillac, MI 49601
Email: office@healingprivatewounds.org
Phone: 231-846-4495