Letter from the Founder

Hello, and welcome to the Healing Private Wounds web site.

I’m very glad you found us and sincerely hope this web site is helpful to you. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and at age 45 I finally broke through my shame and began my journey to heal from the abuse. I have added materials and resources on these pages that helped me regain my sense of worth and purpose. Sexual abuse can cause a host of physical and emotional issues and unless dealt with, can cripple us for life. Don’t let it. You deserve better. The journey to healing is not an easy one but a necessary one for it brings new life and health. You can put the past behind you. Always remember that the sexual abuse was not your fault no matter what the circumstances. The ironic phenomenon of sexual abuse is the victim often carries the shame that solely belongs to the abuser.

A quote was sent to me that stated: “You have been assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved.” I take this quote personally and believe it is true for my mountain of secrecy, shame and low self-worth have been removed. Don’t give up for it can happen for you as well. It begins by telling your story to a safe person or group. We are always willing to listen and help.

Free to serve,

Shirley Jo Petersen

Founder and Executive Director of Healing Private Wounds

Author of The Whisper (To read The Whisper go to shirleyjopetersen.com)

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