Statement of Faith

Praying for God's HelpWe believe we are given free choice to live and believe as we choose and we choose to believe our existence and purpose comes from Our Creator Almighty God.


We believe…

  • We are given free choice to live and believe as we choose and we choose to believe our existence and purpose come from Our Creator Almighty God.
  • The evidence of God is found in all of God’s creations, in the perfect balance and order of the universe, in the hearts and hands of those who know God, in the truths found in the Bible, and in the miracles we experience.
  • God loves us, desires a relationship with us, and wants us to choose to live a life of faith.
  • it is from God that we receive our value and salvation through God’s son Jesus Christ.
  • God is all-powerful and wise, and his love and grace are for all humanity.
  • God provides us with the Holy Spirit to inspire and comfort us.
  • God allows prayer to be an avenue to access Him.
  • We are accountable to our Creator God for the gifts we have received and for our actions.
  • Jesus came to redeem us, to heal us, to lead us to the Father, and teach us how to live so we will have “the abundant life.”
  • In the truths in the Bible and live by the inspiration and directions it gives.
  • In confessing our sins to one another and in forgiveness.
  • God is a spirit of love, and his love is the greatest power on earth.
  • Faith is different than religion for faith is a personal decision to believe.
  • Love is an action word and each member of the Healing Private Wound’s team seeks to love and honor God by living out the commandments Jesus taught in Matthew 22:37-39.

Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbors as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39


We are faith-based because we recognize that having hope is a necessary and powerful force that helps us to endure and overcome adversities in life.

We are faith-based because we believe there is greater wisdom and power beyond our own human capacities and it is wise to draw from that loving, all-knowing source.

We are faith-based because faith eases the burden of life and gives us the courage to keep moving on.

We are faith-based because we have experienced the benefits of living a faith-based life and desire to pass on the gifts and peace that faith gives.


We at Healing Private Wounds use our God-given abilities, talents, and gifts to love and serve others to the best of our abilities. It is because we have been loved that we can love. Our desire is to view every person through the eyes of God and love them as God would. For, in the end, it is love that binds us together and heals the brokenhearted-God’s love reaching through us. There is no condemnation with God, nor do we judge, but wrap each member with truth and compassion.

We understand faith in a loving God can be challenging for victims of sexual abuse, and many are quick to blame God for their misfortune instead of those who do evil. We live in a world of free choice and because evil is prevalent we need to put the blame where it belongs. God came to reverse the effects of evil, to redeem us and to set us free-never to cause evil!

Faith is choosing to believe in things unseen and the things we hope for. Faith is a lifestyle.  It is also a choice, not a “wait and see” game. Faith gives you hope and a future.  It gives you security and a plan. One survivor said, “What do I have to lose if I choose to believe in God? Nothing. What will I gain? Possibly everything!”

Healing Private Wound’s bottom line comes from the truths found in the Holy Bible. We also draw helpful information from many reliable sources, including books, speakers and from personal experiences and testimonies. The books we endorse for reading are found in our Resource Center.

Our goal is to be more like Our Heavenly Father every day in our thoughts and deeds. Healing Private Wound’s desire is to serve and give God honor and glory by our actions and words. We do not discriminate or judge but accept and respect everyone for we are all equals on this journey. Our desire is to bring light to dark places, love to lonely spirits and peace to troubled souls.

Many victims have experienced spiritual abuse where God and the Bible were interpreted wrongly giving them a reason to leave all faith behind. Finding God in our recovery is our greatest find, for God knows our hurts and can inspire and love us as no one else can. We believe God is an essential part of our healing.

Trials will always come but God’s love and truths stand fast. In the end, love wins and justice will prevail. The Gospels are full of wisdom, direction and encouraging words and we take these directions seriously. We stand on its truths and share them with others so they can heal and experience the love, grace, and freedom God gives, especially from the deep hurts and rippling effects of sexual abuse.

Healing Private Wound’s faith is grounded upon many fantastic verses from the Bible.  We encourage everyone to read the Bible so they too will find wisdom and encouragement. If you have experienced spiritual abuse and find it hard to read the Bible, find a new version to read such as The Message Bible or the NIV. Before you read, ask God to come into your heart and help you better understand. Begin reading the New Testament. The Bible has many lessons in it for us. As you read you may want to imagine you are sitting on your loving Creator’s lap and God is reading to you. When you run into a question or doubt, ask God about it. God will help you with the answers you need. God understands our doubts and delights in helping us discover what is true. God wants us to accept his grace so we will be free of guilt. He wants us to understand our great worth to him. When we can understand the great love God has for us we can begin to understand our own true value, thus giving us the courage to live out the life we were created to live.

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