Healing Programs

“’I will give you back your health and heal your wounds,’ says the Lord.”
–Jeremiah 30:17a

Healing Private Wounds provides the following ten programs.

  1. Grow Groups: The sexual abuse recovery groups are held three times a year beginning the second week of September, January, and April.  Each group lasts for 10 weeks. There are separate groups for women, men, and teens. We also have co-ed groups and groups that include families and friends.  The facilitators are survivors of sexual abuse and are trained to lead the groups. Childcare is provided for some groups.
  2. Mentoring:  We match victims of sexual abuse/assault with a mentor for 1:1 sessions in order to assist them on their healing journey. Mentors are also survivors that have healed significantly from their own abuse and desire to help others.
  3. PUP Support Group:  Parents who Understand Pain is designed to help parents help children who have been abused. Parents need support as well.
  4. Children’s Programs:  These programs are geared for children ages four through twelve and teach young people that they have a right to privacy surrounding their own bodies. They can say “no”.
  5. Counseling Services:  We have licensed counselors on staff who make themselves available for individual or family counseling. There is no cost however donations are accepted.
  6. Life Sport:  This group meets during the school year. The activity is for any teens including children who are homeschooled.  We meet every  Thursday after school from 3:00 to 4:30 at the Cadillac Junior High room 118.  Come join us for pizza, pop, games, projects, learning about yourself, and building personal strengths.  All are welcome. This is not a sexual abuse-related group. Call Jack or Jen at 231-846-4495 for more information.
  7. Life Skills Books Study:  Our book studies teach important communication skills that will help the participant to handle life’s challenges more effectively. Participants will learn to set healthy boundaries and to say “no” plus much more. The book studies are open to the community.
  8. Workshops:  Healing Private Wounds workshops put the participant in the shoes of the victim so they will better understand the challenges and handicaps victims face. They also teach tools to help victims heal.
  9. Facilitator Training:  We provide in-service training for those survivors who have healed significantly from sexual abuse and now desire to help others to start healing.
  10. Speakers and Presenters:  We can provide a speaker to present any number of topics on sexual abuse including sexual abuse prevention and the healing process.
  11. Jail Ministry:  Government statistics report an overwhelmingly high number of prison inmates are survivors of sexual abuse or may experience sexual abuse during their incarceration time.  We provide support services to inmates as needed.
  12. Online Support:  Our online support allows us to assist those who live too far away to join our programs.  Sometimes people just feel more comfortable speaking about their abuse via email instead of in person.  Regardless of the reason, we are here to support you.

Our goal is to provide support, information, and compassion to promote healing from the numerous wounds incurred by sexual abuse. We also promote sexual abuse awareness and provide tools to others to help prevent sexual abuse.

Healing Private Wounds Center
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Email: office@healingprivatewounds.org
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