Speakers and Presenters

Sexual abuse is a prevalent evil in our society and it leaves deep emotional scars.  Because of the damage, this crime does to our society, Healing Private Wounds feels the urgency to do what we can to stop sexual crimes.  Therefore we can provide speakers and presenters to talk to your organization about sexual abuse and, more importantly, sexual abuse prevention.

We believe the best prevention is education.  Adults and children need to know what they can do to prevent themselves from becoming victims.  The more we speak out against sexual abuse and develop a zero-tolerance for it the safer our society will be.  It is our silence and reluctance to talk about sexual abuse that contributes to the problem. Children rely upon us to tell them everything that will keep them safe.  Let’s not forget to tell them about sexual abuse.

Details and Registration

Healing Private Wounds speakers are well prepared and educated to delicately discuss sexual abuse with any audience. We look forward to opportunities to speak to your organization, group, church, or club. No group is too small or too large for us.

Please call 231-846-4495 or email office@healingprivatewounds.org to schedule a speaker and date and time. There is no cost except when traveling distances, however, donations are gladly accepted to help further the work of Healing Private Wounds.

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