How Do I Heal?

Healing from sexual abuse is a process. The more understanding you get about sexual abuse and your story the easier it is to work through the process. There is never a reason for sexual abuse. It is always wrong and hurtful. You did not cause it nor are you responsible for it. It was the unsafe hurtful people in your life that betrayed you. Victims often feel shame for participating in it and for their behaviors that followed the sexual abuse. Sexual abuse often leads one down a dark slippery path and causes us to do things we regret. It is time to forgive yourself and put your energy into healing. The victim is always innocent. You are not a bad person. Start believing it.

The first step to heal is to share your story with a trustworthy person. You need to break through your shame and fears and allow another to hear your story. It is said that we are only as sick as our secrets. Maybe you have told someone but it backfired and they did not believe you or give you the support you needed. We are a safe place to tell your story. We believe you and will give you the support you need. If you do not have a safe person in your life please contact us and tell us your story.

We are proud of you for sharing your story with us for we know how hard that is.

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