Peggy the Porcupine:  Let’s Talk About Touching

Intended Audience: Children Preschool through 2nd Grade

Peggy the Porcupine is a character that we use in some of our children’s programs to help us break through barriers when speaking with children about sensitive topics.  We have found that by introducing a third party–in this case a porcupine puppet–the children with whom we speak are much more open and communicative.  It helps us to have a more open dialog and learn what the children are really feeling.  In this video, Mrs. Kay and Peggy talk about types of touches and what is acceptable versus what is not.

Sexual Abuse and Your Rights

Intended Audience: Children 3rd Grade through 6th Grade

Our “News Alert for Kids” video is directed towards children in the third through sixth grades and gives an overview of many of the topics that are covered in our school presentations.  We continue where Peggy the Porcupine left off and go into a little more detail about inappropriate touching and what kids can do when they do not like the way they are being treated.

Cyber Safe Film:  Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Intended audience: age-appropriate for any child to teen who has access to the internet.

Dr. Bandeen On Healing Private Wounds

Intended Audience: All

A longtime supporter of Healing Private Wounds, Dr. Roger Bandeen, discusses how he first came to know about Healing Private Wounds and the impact that HPW has had on lives in his community. Additionally, he talks about the time and talents that have been donated to help make HPW a success. Watch his message here:

One of the Most Powerful Videos Available

Intended Audience: All

Pop music star Lady Gaga has written and recorded a song entitled Til It Happens To You which discusses the atrocities of sexual abuse.  It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful songs and music videos ever recorded on this topic.  We are honored to be able to show it to you here:

Stay Strong: A Healing Journey from Sexual Abuse

Intended Audience: Pre-Teens, Teens, & Twenty-Somethings

This video flip-card story is courtesy of Anna Lee Gruenwald. She was sexually abused as a young girl and has very bravely sought help and undertaken a journey of healing from her abuse. Anna has given permission to use this video and she stands as a testament to all of the women, men, girls, boys, and children who have been sexually abused. You CAN heal. You CAN make yourself whole again.

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